When we look better, we feel better.  Our outward appearance improves confidence, enhances mood, and naturally relieves stress.  From finding a hairstyle that represents our personality to tightening our skin and finding that youthful, healthy glow to beautiful manicured nails to removing pesky hairs and more, we provide the "just-right" services to allow you to pamper yourself for a healthier you.

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Our services include a massage studio and educational events to provide you with the building blocks to enhance your wellness.  Massage has benefits that extend to every aspect of your personal life.  Relieving soreness, reducing physical and emotional stress, and enhancing your mood are benefits of massage therapy.  Slow down and make our wellness services a routine part of your lifestyle today.

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Surround yourself with Art and add depth to your life.  Whether thought provoking or just simply gorgeous, Art can stimulate, soothe, and create an emotional connection.  Original Art makes your space your own.  In addition, Art is an investment in your quality of life.  Local Artists are featured at Zen and Beauty's Gallery to connect you to the beauty of Athens.

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Holistic beauty and wellness is a lifestyle that you can incorporate into your home, work, and recreation.  We believe that body, mind, spirit, and the environment are all interconnected and affect our health impacting our hair and skin.

From the moment you walk into our salon, you are greeted with art, lovingly created by local artists.  You are then wrapped in aromatherapy to boost your energy levels.  Gentle sounds dance about you to reduce anxiety.  And...this is all before you sit in a salon chair.

From a heavenly scalp massage to a foot stretch, every service is designed to align your chakras and bring harmony to your being.

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